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Tren Enanthate 100 IONX

Tren Enanthate 100
Each 1ml contains:
Trenbolone Enanthate: 100mgs
Benzyl Alcohol:                2%
Benzyl Benzoate:            20%
Ethyl Oleate


Tren Enanthate 100 IONX
Trenbolone was first used in the early 80s originally produced to bulk up cattle back then it was called Finajet and only used on animals.  The first humen form of  Trenbolone was created by a french pharmaceutical company called Negma the company stopped producing Trenbolone in the late 90s ever since then its been made underground this is why haveing a good steroid source is so important.The company that made it originally stopped producing it in ejection form due to bodybuilders abusing it. It was then produced instead in pellets these pellets are broken down and  Trenbolone is then extracted from it also getting a good underground lab is also important we see lots of under dosed Trenbolone being sold on the black market useing any ejectable as its risks but more so when you don’t know who or where it was made or what it’s made from we try and take the risk out of buying steroids and as bodybuilders ourselfs we know what it’s like to be ripped off. It’s also recommended to use some sort of testosterone with this steroid because it suppress your natural production.
What to expect from using Trenbolone Enanthate this is real world experience not copied from a book!
• Strength gains (crazy)
• Fat lose
• Protein synthesis
• Reduces water retention
• Increases IGF-1 Production

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