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Test Cyp 250 IONX

Test Cyp 250
Each 1ml contains:
Testosterone Cypionate: 250mgs
Benzyl Alcohol:                  2%
Benzyl Benzoate:               20%
Ethyl Oleate


Testosterone Cypionate is a very androgenic and anabolic steroid giveing a perfect use for gaining strength and size. Like other Testosteronebased steroids it as a anti catabolic effect meaning it stops the user loseing musle size through heavy cutting cycles it does this by retaining nitrogen into the muscle so protain can be stored into the muscles themselves. Testosterone Cypionate also as the added ability to produce IGF-1 providen more anabolic benefits. Testosterone Cypionate also as the ability to produce more red blood cells which will inturn improve endurance in high volume workouts and gives better recovery times. It also has the ability to give massive strength gains and promotes fat lose so all in all a very good solid compound to use alone or use as part of a stack.
Benefits include…
• Strength gains
• Fat lose
• Premotes red blood cells
• Increases IGF-1 Production

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