T3 (Tiromel) 25mg


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Tiromel T3
100 x Tablets
Each Tablet Contains
Store below 30ºC
Protect from light
Keep out of reach
of children


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T3(Cytomel) Greatly affects the metabolic rate and stimulation scenes. T3 the hormone itself is involved with many cellular functions including the metabolism of carbohydrates fats and proteins when a person is no longer able to process this it’s Called Hypothyroidism in short the metabolism doesn’t function properly. When your suffering from this problem it’s very easy to gain bodyfat and fat lose becomes very difficult. With T3it provides the body with the hormone that it needs to function properly. Many athletes use this drug to enhance direct fat lose with a calorie restricted diet and will promote excelarated fat lose. Its one of The most power tools athletes use to aid fat lose. This being said it’s very important to work with your own Thyroid not to over Take this drug and shut your thyroid completely down so do some research before using This after all knowledge is power train hard and stay safe.
Benefits include…
• Fat lose
• Faster metabolism

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