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Testosterone Propionate was the first commercially available form of testosterone, it was released into the market by the European company Schering in the early thirties. This anabolic steroid is a synthetic testosterone with a single ester attached to it. The idea behind binding testosterone with an ester is to control the release of testosterone and enhance its anabolic nature by maintaining stable peaked blood levels. What is Testosterone Propionate? Testosterone propionate has many uses in medicine, its widely used to aide with male androgenic deficiencies such as low libido, losing muscle mass and low strength. This drug was also used to treat certain types of breast cancer in women and other postmenopausal related issues. However, today it is mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their performance and to boost their strength. This anabolic steroid carries with it a similar anabolic properties like any other testosterone form, the only difference is that propionate postpones the release of testosterone. A raw testosterone (i.e suspension) is released into the blood immediately after injection, meanwhile test propionate takes a much longer time to be released and detached from the ester, meaning that it’s less frequently injected. Coming back to the properties of this drug, it can increase nitrogen retention into the muscles, stimulate cells to buildup more protein, increase red blood cells count and it can enhance IGF-1 secretion from the liver. All of these properties are able to grant you more strength, enhance your performance, and increase your strength to push through serious training.

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